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4 little pleasures to bring joy to your baby’s sleep pattern

In times like this, it is already hard for us adults to stick to our sleep routines - and therefore even harder for our little ones. 

sleeping Lily fox

Our adorable fox girl Lily here has obviously no trouble sleeping and has a few suggestions for your toddler's sleep routines she found on amazon:

No 1: The adorable woodland music mobile.

This handmade music mobile caught Lily's eye. It features an adorable woodland scene all complete with fox, deer, trees, and clouds. It is specially designed to calm and relax your baby with a soothing motion.

It is not only handmade, but the owner will donate a percentage of the profits to a cause close to her heart. Watch it in action here

No 2: A friend for life.

Every baby needs a security blanket and at least one spare. Lily discovered this super soft and cozy bunny security blanket by Mary Meyer. Their designers work inside their original toy shop in Vermont. Have a closer look here 

No 3: A token of love - the bedtime story.

Of course, there is nothing like mommy reading a good night story! Lily immediately fell in love with “I’ve Loved You Since Forever”. Have a look inside the book and fall in love, too.

No 4: Mommy's heartbeat

And in case none of the above made your little one fall asleep then Lily is betting on this super cute sound machine in an owl costume. This owl simulates mommy’s heartbeat or plays relaxing songs. It even has a built-in night light. Watch their video for a 360° view 

Have fun exploring and let Lily know which one you liked best.