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About Us

MyWoodlandAnimals started with the idea of sharing the stories of our brave and diverse family of woodland animals to positively impact you and the people around you. Our mission: Inspiring you and your kids. Letting you and them know that they can be brave and kind at that same time. And that sometimes it is ok to struggle as they are so dearly loved.

Meet the MyWoodlandAnimals family:

Enjoys looking for flowers when she walks through the forest and loves to make flower crowns. She is a kind and loving fox and always there for her friends.
Likes to watch over his friends and make sure that everyone is safe. He is a brave, courageous bear, shows no fear and is always open for adventures.
Loves life and stays curious about everything, which makes him a great listener. He is eager to find answers and to explore and learn. This raccoon always knows what's going on in the forest and what every one of his friends is up to.
Is a small bunny with a big heart. She cares about the happiness of her friends and will do anything to help them where she can without expecting anything in return
Makes her decisions based on careful thought and good judgment like every experienced owl. She advises her friends and helps them to make wise choices.
Is terribly clumsy and always manages to get himself into trouble. This uncoordinated mouse is lucky to have his friends who always are there for him and help him to save his neck.
Is a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful hedgehog. He doesn't seek out special attention or social engagements, as these events can leave him feeling exhausted and drained. His friends respect his boundaries and are there for him in times he feels anxious and is looking for support.

I am the artist behind MyWoodlandAnimals. You will find my original drawings as well as some in collaborations with other artists in the store. For manufacturing, I have carefully sourced the best production partners from all over the world.

All items are designed with ❤️ in California and printed-to-order just for you.